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203 Lormel Gate, Woodbridge *SOLD in 2 days $25K over asking!

​187 Vodden St, Brampton - Rental 

213 McMurchy Ave S, Brampton *SOLD $60K over asking! 

48 Birchway Place, Acton *SOLD $70K over asking!
1320 Islington Ave#1601, Etobicoke *SOLD $120K over asking!

​13003 Country Rd 16, Waubaushene *SOLD $70K over asking!

39 Wasaga Sands Drive, Wasaga 

78 Blackwell Cres, Bradford *SOLD $70K over asking!

​42 Evalene Crt, Brampton *SOLD $98,100 over asking in 1 day!!

237 Deerchase Circle, Vaughan*SOLD $100,100 over asking! 

138 Simmons Road, Brampton *SOLD $95K over asking!

​1 Channel Road, Lionshead *SOLD $100K over asking!

115 Komura Road, Vaughan *SOLD $50K over asking!

​40 Gardenwood Avenue, Caledon

428330 25th Sideroad, Mono 

85 Barr Cres, Brampton *SOLD $160K over asking!

​14 Yarn Road, Etobicoke *SOLD $95K over asking!

​3263 Beechgrove Sideroad, Caledon *SOLD $41K over asking!

​15 Belyea Cres, Scarborough *SOLD at List Price!

37 Hillcrest Drive, Guelph

689 King Street, Terra Cotta

​98 Gray Park Drive, Bolton *SOLD $70K over asking!

8751 Castlederg Sideroad, Caledon

​14 Mansion Street, Brampton *SOLD 1 Day $100K over asking!

1283 Forest Street, Innisfil

​97 Baronwood Court, Brampton *SOLD $61k over asking!

6600 16th Sideroad,  Schomberg

​415 MacDonald St, Inglewood

500 Unit 105 Alex Gardner Circle, Aurora

​42 Rolling Hills Lane, Bolton

28 Blue Jay Place, Wasaga *SOLD over asking!

138 Ellwood Drive West, Bolton *SOLD $100K over asking!

#402 -1100 Kingston Rd, Toronto

​36 Windmill Blvd, Brampton *SOLD $210K over asking!

50 Jessie St, Brampton *SOLD $25K over asking

10661 Halls Lake Sideroad, Bolton

4 King Arthurs Court, Bolton *SOLD $75K over asking!

28 Chilcot Ave, Etobicoke

8-120 Railroad Street, Brampton *SOLD $206K over asking!

9 Fourth Street, Dunsford, Kawartha Lakes *SOLD $66K over asking!

5006 Yonge St, Gilford

108 Royal Fern Cres, Caledon *SOLD $81K over asking!

189 Vodden Street East, Brampton - Rental Unit

8415 Mac Arthur Drive, Milton ***SOLD $671,000 OVER ASKING!!

6047 Hwy 89, Alliston

Homes Staged: OVER 240 homes staged!
Please see below for a list of homes staged in Caledon and Surrounding areas.

29 McCabe Cres, Bolton

83 Anderson Rd, Alliston


178 John W Taylor Ave, Alliston *$29K Sold Over Asking!

3 Christensen Ave, Bolton *Conditionally Sold - $10K Above list                                                           price !! In only 2 days !!!*

​29 Milkweed Cres, Brampton *SOLD $70K over asking!

33 Fenflower Cres, Brampton *SOLD $50K over asking!

​22 Culpepper Cres, Bolton *SOLD in 24hrs $41K over asking!

5 Medici Crt, Toronto *SOLD $50K over asking!

​38 Secord Cres, Brampton *SOLD in 2 days $20k over asking!

​7030 19th Sideroad, Schomberg

38 Barracat Cres, Brampton

9 Foxchase Cres, Bolton

​999 Griggs Road, Innisfil

19 Ewart St, Bolton *SOLD in 2 Hours at List price!

62 Sundridge St, Brampton *SOLD $16K over asking!

1210 Laurand St, Innisfil

12 Keily Cres, Caledon

42 Alderbrook Cres, Bolton *SOLD $23K over asking!

5 Strattonvale Crt, Bolton *SOLD $35K over asking!

69 Birchway Place, Acton *SOLD $70K over asking!

1540 Charleston Sideroad, Caledon *SOLD at asking!

​14 Highcrest Rd, Palgrave *SOLD at list price!

35 Division St, Acton

126 Heydon Ave, Alliston

​58 Angelucci Dr, Brampton

5 Mayfair Cres, Brampton *SOLD in 3 days $70k over asking!

281 The East Mall, Etobicoke

​218 Cedargrove Rd, Bolton

98 Honeyview Trail, Brampton *SOLD $48k over asking!

​17 Davidson Drive, Alliston

9 Charlotte Cres, Omemee

192 King Street W, Bolton

​20 Briarpath, Brampton *SOLD $22k over asking!

21 Tara Park Crescent, Brampton *SOLD over asking!

33 Windflower Rd, Brampton *SOLD $20k over asking!

​#404E - 576 Front St West, Toronto

​19 St Michaels Cres, Bolton *SOLD $50k over asking!

​19644 Glen Haffy Road, Caledon

62 Rolling Hills Ln, Bolton *SOLD $60K over asking!

19 Governor Grove Cres, Brampton *SOLD $16K over asking!

70 Rainforest Drive, Brampton *SOLD $90K over asking!

114 James Street, Bradford *SOLD $20K over asking!

9245 #1002 Jane St, Vaughan

150 Centre Street, Beeton


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 Home Staging and Styling


7196 Ridgeland Cres, Mississauga SOLD $260,000 Over asking!

32 Bayview Drive, Grimsby SOLD $63,000 Over Asking!

​41 Sandyshores Drive, Brampton SOLD $75,100 Over Asking! 

​83 Anderson Road, Alliston

​71 Donnan Drive, Tottenham SOLD $110,000 Over Asking!

9 Coachwood Manor Court, Bolton SOLD $150,000 Over Asking!

2 Mast Drive, Brampton SOLD in 1 hour $300,100 Over asking!

2464 Trondheim Cres, Mississauga SOLD $100,000 Over Asking!

21 McKee Drive, Caledon East SOLD $401,000 Over Asking!

78 Boyces Creek Court, ​Caledon East SOLD $31,000 Over Asking!

51 Trott Blvd #162, Collingwood SOLD Over Asking!

​13 Evergreen Crescent, Wasaga Beach SOLD $90,000 Over Asking! 

10661 Halls Lake Sideroad, Bolton 

31 Henderson Street, Orangeville SOLD $208,000 Over Asking! 

595486 Blind Line, Mono 

23 McCardy Court, Caledon East SOLD Just Over Asking!

​16881 The Gore Road, Caledon 

41 Lacorra Way, Brampton SOLD $25,000 Over Asking!

​379 Sonoma Blvd, Vaughan 

​69 Nada Cres, Vaughan SOLD $152,000 Over Asking! 

102 Falkner Rd, Alliston SOLD $51,000 Over Asking!

29 Lacewood Cres, Brampton SOLD in 1 day $160,100 Over Asking!

​4359 Concord Ave, Lincoln SOLD $50K Over Asking!

8 Maison Parc Ct Suite 223, Thornhill SOLD $31K Over Asking!

18051 Cataract Road, Alton 

13 Upper Canada Drive, St. Catharines 

​28 Collingwood Ave, Brampton

270 Lisa Marie Drive, Orangeville SOLD Over Asking!

​8 Rosset Crt, Brampton

10 Sunny Glenway Suite 1006, North York

35 Leadenhall Road, Brampton

20 Henderson Street, Orangeville SOLD for Asking! 

16 McGinty Court, Beeton

897 Green Street, Innisfil  

​6 Evans Ridge, Bolton

523562 Blind Line, Orangeville

2103 - 80 John Street, Toronto

​27 The Boulevard, Tottenham SOLD over asking! 

43 Humbershed Blvd, Bolton 

12364 Old Kennedy Road, Brampton 

15 Patrick Drive, Erin

150 Centre Street N, Beeton

​71 61st Street South, Wasaga Beach

9245 #1001 Jane Street, Vaughan

54 Fieldcroft Court, Maple 

​75 Robert Berry Cres, King City

53 Cranston Drive, Caledon East

8 Concord Place, Grimsby

147 Aberdeen Ave, Woodbridge

​29 McCabe Cres, Bolton

​52 Kennedy Blvd, Cookstown 

1388 Gull Crossing, Pickering

#315 - 55 Via Rosedale Way, Brampton